Computerized Implant Placement

At Doan Dental, we use state-of-the-art CBCT imaging technology to capture 3D scans of your mouth. This machine is a low-radiation digital scanner that encircles your mouth and recreates a virtual "model" of your smile. Once the scanner captures a 3D model of your oral anatomy, we will carefully evaluate your bone density and structure to create a computerized guide that shows the right position for implant placement. 

CT Scanner (3D Scanner)

Computer-guided implant surgery is better than traditional methods, as it helps in more precise and accurate placement of dental implants. With this guided implant surgery, the dentist takes computerized tomography (CT) of the jaw, through which 3-D images of the oral structures are created. A special computer program uses this information for creating a surgical template to plan the exact locations for placement.

Surgical Guide

Due to the precise surgical template, the treatment can be completed much faster than that of traditional dental implant surgery; hence the patients can recover soon as well.

With the help of detailed scans, the dentist can easily explain to their patients about the dental implant procedure and also educate them regarding oral health. The anatomical structures of the teeth, jaw, and surrounding tissue could be seen clearly, helping to reduce the risks involved in having unexpected complications during the surgery.

Same-Day Crowns (In House system)

Before the latest CEREC technology, getting a crown was quite a deal. You have had to go through those messy impressions and a series of appointments to get a crown. But now, it's possible in just a single visit.

Same-day durable crowns at Doan dental are created using CEREC's CAD/CAM technology. Our team can immediately design, create, and place your restoration in just one visit. No one will be able to tell the difference as the tooth-colored artificial restoration looks so natural.

Our in-house milling machine uses the detailed blueprint of your tooth created by CEREC's 3D imaging to fabricate your crown very precisely to fit perfectly. 


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